the kbm grant program

Palefsky Collision Project

Kile’s Beautiful Mind Grant Program provides funding to individuals or programs that offer young people new learning experiences which are in line with our core values. We do so to further support our mission of providing access and opportunities to the arts for children from underserved communities.

We have provided a combined total of over $50,0000 of grants and scholarships to community creative arts organizations such as SCAD, Alliance Theatre/ Palefsky Collision, Dance 411 and Camp Flix.

KBM has provided scholarships to the Alliance Theatre for their Palefsky Collision Project. For three weeks each summer, the Alliance Theatre has a group of teenagers create an artistic piece inspired by classic text, but these students put a twist on the piece using their own unique talents and perceptions. Through this project, teens create theater for and about themselves. By ‘colliding’ with a dramatic text, reinforcing the idea that theater can address their particular ideas and feelings. The Palefsky Collision Projects affords teenagers a unique summer experience that allows them to be mentored by professional playwrights and directors that help bring their vision to the main stage. In addition we provide scholarships to individual students to attend the Summer Camp Programs at the Alliance Theatre.
SCAD is a college that caters to the creative heart and mind. SCAD is a staple in the artistic community, providing creatives an opportunity to obtain a degree in many sectors. From Fashion, Dramatic Writing, Branded Entertainment, and Cinema Studies to name a few. Those in search of a program that will help foster their unique talents, find their home at SCAD. With KBM fostering young adult passions and talents, we expose our kids to the endless possibilities that align with attending SCAD. Unknowingly, many college seeking creatives aren’t aware of the opportunities that SCAD has to help advance their unique passions. Exposure and knowledge is crucial when highschool students are trying to figure out life after graduation. SCAD and KBM are partnering to make students aware that a creative and sustainable life after graduation is possible. KBM has provided scholarships to the SCAD’s Rising Star Program for two rising high school senior students. These students take summer classes at SCAD and get the real life experience of being a college student. They get a chance to take college courses and see if college and SCAD is the right fit for their future.
Dance 411 is a top dance studio in the Atlanta Community. Dance 411 is a safe haven for the youth to dance, express, create, and fellowship together. Many children use dance as a way to creatively express themselves. Over the years, they have been able to provide children and teens with opportunities to showcase their artistic dancing talents. Dance 411 has opened doors for children to dance professionally in the booming Film, Television, and Music Entertainment business.
Camp Flix is a premiere summer movie camp based in Atlanta. This unique camp immerses children into the art of filmmaking. During this camp, students will learn skills related to techniques, language, filmmaking, and acting. Industry professionals will be teaching and guiding the campers during the process. The campers will form film crews and turn their creative concepts into high-quality digital shorts. Marketing and distributing their finished film will also be taught during this camp. Students obtain hands on experience during Camp Flix.