SCAD (12,300) 2 rising star scholarships *to be announce spring 2021.
Our Strategic Partnership with SCAD allowed for 2 SCAD sponsored field trips to SCAD 1) To SCAD Theatre to see Toy Story 4 before it came out in theatres and Q&A with Lead Crowd Animator. (Pics in Camp XI Year 1 photos Folder) 2) SCAD host a Field Trip to for campers to tour SCAD’s Creative Media College. For most all the kids it was their first time being on SCAD’s campus, and also for most their first time on a college campus. (See pics of tour in Folder Camp XI year ! photos… The pics with green screen and lady on bus talking to students).
2019 Alliance Theatre (10,000) 4 scholarships + grant for Palefsky Collision Project
Heaven – improv / musical theatre
Mauteria- improv/ musical theatre
Jordan – improv/ musical theatre
Xinah- musical theatre/ performance arts
FYI the above are students names… I included but please feel free to use at will and adlib
2020 Alliance Theatre award $12000. 10 scholarships to alliance theatre summer drama Camps. + grant to Palefsky Collision Project.
Dance 411 (12,000) 4 partial scholarships ($3000 per child)
ammaya beamer, marius wright, taylor binn, kimoni hilton
2019 Camp Flix (Value 1,800 | Actual 1,000) 4 scholarships
shane jones, sasha yaasir, annsleigh arrington, shamya williams
2020 Camp Flix (Value $1800 ) Virtual Summer Camp 5 scholarships
Tyler Powell, Yancy Richardson, Sean Bethune, Seth Garcia Jr, Brandon Holman
Summer 2019 Camp XI Year 1 (13 scholarships)
ada ison, yancey richardson, brandon holman, angel bryant, seth garcia, todd forbes, alaya foote, tyler powell, jonathan davis, deja portis, sean bethune II, kennedy thornton, Taylor
Summer 2020 Camp XI Year 2 (15 Scholarships)
Yancey Richardson, Brandon Holman, Seth Garcia, Sean Bethune,Tyler, “Marcus” Powell, Sean Bethune 2, Johnny Davis, Taylor Gabney, Wesley Gillard, Chris Reed, Simone Brunson, Laila Johnekins, Khysia Ferrell, Jachi Cosby, Khylen Harris-Norman, Samolia Gillard