Kiles Camp XI

Kile’s Camp XI, held for the first time in June, 2019, allowed students who demonstrated a keen interest in the arts, technology and entrepreneurship to showcase their talents.

This experience gave young people a chance to develop important life skills through an intense and rigorous project.

Our campers stretched themselves in ways that they never imagined, leaving with accomplishments that will prove useful to their life’s journey.

Key Character Qualities

The Camp XI Camp focused on addressing what KBM believes are key character qualities for success


Our camp gave every participant a chance to stretch their creative “muscles” through the planning, development and implementation of a project.


We wanted our campers to build skills across several areas of the project so they could feel that they have a deep understanding and capabilities in more than one subject matter.

Taking Risks

Our program directors pushed our participants to take risks within the safe parameters of the program. We want to foster an environment where young people are willing to dare to be great.

Kile was an extraordinary person whose curious and creative spirit drove him to explore a variety of experiences: acting, creating home movies, painting and other activities that gave him a chance to express himself to the world.

He was not willing to fit in a box to please others and was always willing to be different even when it was not popular. We believe that more of our young people will experience long term success if they are first willing to think and act this way.


  • 11 students (between 13-17 years of age); members of BGC or resident of metro Atlanta interested in the arts (theater, graphic design, visual arts, music, film/photography and dance)
  • Monday-Friday, 9:00am-2:00pm (duration: 3 weeks, June 2019)
  • Mentorship from local creative industry professionals
At the beginning of the program, our campers chose from a variety of aspirational goals and projects, exploring areas like:
  • Film and Theatrical Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Media Production
  • Business Strategy
  • Film and Theatrical Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Media Production
  • Business Strategy
and more… Students also visited SCAD and Camp Flix for field trips.